About Shaykh Dr. Hammad Chaudhary (db)

Shaykh Dr. Hammad Chaudhary Ph.D (db) has done M.B.B.S from Allama Iqbal Medical College & FCPS Hematology from Punjab Pakistan. He has also completed a formal eight-year course under qualified ulama in classical Islamic learning including Tafsir, Hadith, and Fiqh. He has been also granted an "Ijazah" (permission to guide people on how to get pureness of Heart) in the discipline of 'Tazkiyah' (a Islamic Spirituality) by an eminent Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmed Naqshbandi Mujaddidi (damat barakatuhu). He is currently in Saudi Arabia working as Assistant Professor of Hematology in Medical College. He delivers regular online & live lectures to students on Tafseer , Ikhlaq, also tutoring them on the spiritual path (way of getting closer to Allah).